All Dollar Week Embroidery Designs for One Price!

Dollar Week Bundle

$7.99 $7.99

5 Applique Font Pack ONLY $2.99

5 Applique Fonts - Dollar Embroidery Week Day 1!


Sea Embroidery Designs Pack - Dollar Week Day 2!

Set of 12 Sea Machine Embroidery Designs! Buy now and have plenty of time to complete your projects!


8 Doodle Game Pack

8 Doodle Game - Dollar Embroidery Week Day 3!


8 Fidget Spinner Pack

8 Fidget Spinner Embroidery Designs - Dollar Embroidery Week Day 3!


5 Fun NEW Embroidery Fonts Pack

5 Fun Fonts - Dollar Embroidery Week Day 4!



Dollar Week is over but you get still get all the designs we released for this fun occasion in one pack for a super reduced price!

You get these five embroidery sets

  1. A 5 Pack of Applique Fonts
  2. A Pack of 12 From the Sea Embroidery Designs
  3. An Eight Pack of Doodle Gamer Designs
  4. An Eight Pack of Fidget Spinner Embroidery Designs
  5. A 5 Pack of Fun Five Fonts


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